Plastic can be an essential accessibility tool for people with disabilities. What happens when we block it?

As somebody with a bodily incapacity, there are a couple of gadgets I would like to assist me reside an impartial life. Pre-made greens, takeaways, and consuming straws – some product of plastic – are completely important for individuals like me. The usage of my arms is proscribed and this made making ready and cooking … Read more

Plastic linked to higher rates of autism

Broadcast date: per week August 5, 2022 Stream/Obtain this clip as an MP3 file Scientists, docs and activists have referred to as for extra research on autism that study each genes and poisonous chemical substances. (Picture: The Focal Venture, Flickr, CC BY NC 2.0) The CDC reviews that 1 in 44 youngsters presently has an … Read more

Incredibly Promising: Bubble Barrier to Extract Plastic from a Dutch River | plastic

5 years in the past, Clare-Els van Delft started to suspect that the plastic waste on Katwik Seaside within the Netherlands didn’t come from guests or the ocean, however from a close-by estuary. “We began amassing trash and seen, close to the doorway to the river, bits of contemporary water coming in — every kind … Read more